Turmeric benefits

Yes, you just found the culprit of the yellow color of the Indian curry. But its powerful pigment is nothing compared to its incredible antioxidant power due to the curcuminoids contained. We usually recommend this product for 3 main purpose : chronic inflammation, arthritis, and will to enhance cognitive functions.

The main responsible for the health benefit is Curcumin. But this compound is poorly absorbed by the body. The solution for that is to get Piperine. It will increase the capacity of your body to absorb this incredible compound. But wait ! Where do I get Piperine ? Pepper. Pepper is the secret soul mate of Turmeric.

Turmeric has a mustard like effect on taste and act as a pungent like pepper. It makes him very easy to introduce in food, fruit smoothie, warm soup or vinaigrette for salads.

Please be warned that this product has a blood thinning effect. That can be very good for brain cognition and Viagra like effect. But if you already use medicine like warfarin we highly recommend to talk to your doctor first.

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