Firstly, when comes the question of sport, comes the obvious question of proteins. With spirulina and the plant based pea protein you get the main layer. Bringing Leucine and Glutamine, two very important amino acid required for sport. Complemented by Lysine, arginine and the phenylalanine from Spirulina.

Secondly, since sport generate a large quantity of free radical, Moringa is added to the mix to increase your intake of antioxidant in your body. They will naturally find their way to the toxins in your body to help their elimination.

Finally, since a lot of athletes report pain in their joints, MSM is exactly here to help for this purpose. It is a building block for your bones and joints and the main area of study of MSM are fully dedicated to support these claims.

Our smoothie mix for sport should be considered if you want a healthier approach compared to the usual protein powder on the market made of doubtful source.

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