Three things are essentials to strengthen bonds in couples. Libido, an aphrodisiac acting as the libido kick-starter, and energy… a ton of energy !

This is why this product contains the Maca for its traditional uses to increase the libido and the instinctive sex drive. The Ginger with in countless literatures regarding the arousal associate with it. And finally Wheatgrass for its ready-to-use energy and nourishment it provides.

A healthy life as a whole needs an associated healthy sex life. The dopamine and oxytocin created by your own body is very important to keep your mind for unhealthy rumination and raise your self-confidence.

You have to know that Bernard AIMÉ is here for you if you need any psychological support. Sophrology and EMDR hypnosis can be powerful tools to put your life back in the right tracks.

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