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Extracted from The Khewra, one of the oldest and largest salt mine in the world, the Pink Himalayan salt is very famous for its peculiar pink color. It comes from the manual harvest of salt crystals and doesn’t get any additional treatment.

For people that are looking for the rawest product possible, this salt is clearly the winner in its category. No additional refining and cleaning process, no iodine nor moisture absorbent addition. This is the natural form of salt with all its additional minerals usually washed out from the regular salt.

The research on the Pink Himalayan Salt are still very minimal and without claiming any health benefits with certainty, we can still relate to the access to an additional 84 minerals that can’t be ignored in a holistic approach.

This salt can be used for culinary purpose and for salt bath to nourish your skin and clear your lungs from its vapors.

pure hymalayan pink salt
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