Nettle Powder benefits

You may remember the stingy feeling of the fresh Nettle from your careless childhood maybe ? But behind this aggressive wall, lies the base of ancient medicine. The vitamins contained in Nettle can be compared to Kale.

The 3 main additional values are his huge amount of antioxidant, the rich source of protein and the great intake of omega 3. This combination can reduce inflammation, back pain, arthritis and serious study show a significant improvement in blood sugar control.

If you like spinach taste, nettle is the same kind with a little more punch in it. We usually mix the Nettle powder with our daily smoothie. It will also do a great job mixed in cake or you can try a recipe for tea based on this powder and some honey.

Since the studies about Nettle are countless we can’t hide our interest in you learning something new today.

Fresh leaves of Nettle
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