Maca Powder benefits

Found in our Love Mix, Maca, or the Peruvian Ginseng, is an ancestral plant mainly cultivated for its roots. Even if the researches about this plant are not well documented yet, the Maca powder has been known for the potential increased in libido and fertility on men.

Rich in nutrient, for 30 grams of Maca, you will be covered for the day with Copper, and get twice the amount of potassium compared to a Banana. But let’s face it and be honest, Maca isn’t the kind of taste that will improve anything.

We recommend instead to only add a spoon of Maca powder in a healthy smoothie to cover this kind of earthy feeling. Once a day during 2 weeks should prepare you for a high intensity effort you may have to handle for a competition.

Did this premises get you curious about the Lepidium Meyenii ? Here some more information

root of maca
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