Kefir is a drink from the range of probiotics. For its manufacture, the kefir grains are mixed with milk or a sweet fruit drink and after a few days of fermentation, the drink is ready for consumption. The probiotics contained in this drink are then present by the millions and will be used by your body for :

  • Recolonize your intestinal flora with good bacteria
  • Help the elimination of toxins
  • Tone up and raise the energy level
  • And fight bad bacteria like the one responsible for ulcers.

In addition to a high protein and vitamin content, the folic acid present in this drink will contribute to the quality of the renewal of your cells.

It is therefore natural that Kefir has been carried over to the regions where it is consumed the most to significantly improve longevity and considerably support the immune system.

Ultimately fixing the problems associated with the use of antibiotics, kefir is also used in cases of pneumonia, hypertension, cholesterol, eczema and insomnia.

woman is feeling good because of probiotic
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