Ginger powder benefits

In the same league as Chia seeds regarding its antioxidants amount, the ginger powder is well known for its ancestral medicinal uses. We think that its anti-inflammatory properties and the help of supporting morning sickness of pregnant women made the ginger famous.

Ginger is extremely low in calorie and in nutrient. You only get half a calorie for each gram ingested. Since consuming it in water will actually burn calories, we jokingly like to say that it is one of the rarest drink that have a negative calorie amount.

Drinking the ginger powder is one of the easiest way to consume it. The mix of ginger and lemon or ginger and tea are great detox to cleanse your body and help to support weight loss.

We would like to invite you to learn more about Ginger, its history and properties.

raw ginger and ginger powder in a wood bowl
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